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Owner, Principal Landscape Architect

Gavin Duke was raised in the rural Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. At an early age, he began putting ideas on paper--sketches inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding woodlands, the local craftsmen, and farmers. His passion to create has continued throughout his life. Now, he combines landscape architecture with other arts to design gardens and living environments for people, plants, and animals.

Gavin Duke possesses a sensitive hand in working with landscapes and the talent for designing well-organized spaces. Thus, he has had the privilege to create many rewarding installations. He has traveled to remote corners of the world to gather ideas, and experience historic, traditional, and modern spaces. Deep understanding of the historical and contextual elements of landscape architecture allows his designs to preserve and respect each project's site and architecture. His philosophy of landscape design is to create a seamless integration of the built environment and its surroundings. Duke's work has been published in national and international publications. He received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 1987 from the University of Arkansas.

Beautifully lit brick pathway and floral landscape.