Creating a thriving tableau in which their clients can live their most joyful lives.

Duke Design Group’s elegant and tailored landscapes range from small urban enclaves to multi-acre farm tracts. With projects throughout the United States, founder Gavin Duke believes that each project should speak in its own voice, relating to its living environment through vernacular materials and plantings to blend the boundaries between nature and a home’s architectural presence. Distinguished by their ability to perceptively respond to each client’s site, Duke Design Group creates exceptional environments by drawing on the many talents of each team member and nurturing collaborative relationships with clients, design professionals, and craftsmen. Every detail is thought through in the master plan design, from sun exposures, topographic constraints, and privacy concerns to ecological issues. However, of singular importance is their desire to create a thriving tableau in which their clients can live their most joyful lives.



  • Bill Ingram Architect
  • Catherine Sloan Architect
  • Dryden Studio
  • Durden Architecture
  • G.P. Schafer Architects
  • Historical Concepts
  • Ken Tate Architects
  • John Tackett
  • Norman Davenport Askins Architects

Interior designers

  • David Netto
  • Joella McClellan
  • Lannie Neal Interiors
  • Lindsay Rhodes Interiors
  • Pulliam Morris Interiors
  • Ray Booth Design
  • Rebekah Woodard Interiors
  • Suzanne Kasler


  • Carter Group, LLC
  • Castle Homes
  • Cook Builders
  • Isaacs
  • Lewis B. Roberts Construction Co.
  • Mike Ruble Construction Company
  • Phipps Construction Company
  • Sneed Builders
  • Will Andrews Contractors